CMII Briefing for Executives

We are a training company and our expertise is in business process improvement. We would like to introduce you to the elegant simplicity of the CMII model and its proven ability to eliminate quality, schedule and cost problems.

You may, or may not, have heard of CMII. Over 7,500 professionals from over 1,000 organizations have completed our 12-day training and certification program. Of the 1,000, 250 have 5 or more grads and many work in the trenches of configuration management. Although they fully believe in th CMII model and take great pride in what they do, they rarely make it to the boardroom.

Every organization, including those with CMII grads, needs executive leadership. With a combination of the two, the results have been outstanding.

Our goal is to bridge that gap. We would like to bring all executives up-to-speed on the CMII model. If time is a constraint, key points can be covered in only 20 minutes. Discussions, or separate discussions, may continue throughout the day. We ask for travel costs only. There is no fee.

Just contact us and I, or one of our senior instructors, will be there.Institute of Process Excellence

Vince Guess
(602) 595-8965