International Onsite CMII Courses by ICM

Fees for onsites are typically based on number of students plus travel and shipping costs. For onsites in countries outside North America, a flat fee includes everything for up to 28 students in each course. It is acceptable for two or more firms to team up in order to fill the classroom and get the best ROI.

The standard fee for each course is based on two courses being taught per trip. The fee includes all course materials, instructor travel expenses and shipping costs. Total costs may be minimized by conducting all courses required for certification during a single trip, as shown below (effective April 1, 2013).

Standard fee for a 2-day course for up to 28 students:
CMIIB (basic) certification; 4 courses, 2 trips
CMIIB (basic) certification; 4 courses, 1 trip
CMIIC (comprehensive) certification, 6 courses, 3 trips
CMIIC (comprehensive) certification, 6 courses, 2 trips
CMIIC (comprehensive) certification, 6 courses, 1 trip

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