Support for CMII Grads

As a training company that specializes in business process improvement, we now have over 7,500 CMII-certified professionals in over 1,000 organizations. Of the 1,000, 550 have 2 to 4 CMII grads; 250 have 5 to 9 and 140 have 10 or more. Those with the most grads plus strong executive leadership have achieved results that are truly outstanding.

Many CMII grads have proceeded without gaining strong executive sponsorship. Although this "bottom-up" approach yields positive results, it is typically slower and more difficult than efforts driven "top-down." We can help you gain their support. We can help them understand the elegant simplicity of the CMII model and why it is the best approach to business process improvement.

Our availability to conduct CMII briefings for executives is now posted on our website. One option for you, as a CMII grad, is to setup the briefing and coordinate our participation yourself. Another option is to simply bring our posting to their attention and encourage them to contact us.

The key CMII principles can be presented in short executive briefings. Followup discussions, or additional meetings and discussions, may continue throughout the day. We ask for travel expenses only. There is no fee.

Just contact us and I, or one of our senior instructors, will be there.

Vince Guess